Family Support

… “ We need a new focus on supporting the whole family, recognising that families are where children are nurtured to grow and thrive”.

Simpson, C., Call 21, Children in Scotland Magazine – Special anniversary edition, October 2018, p 11.

We can, if needed, support the parents and carers to manage the challenges they face.
We know that by supporting parents and carers in times of need we can achieve better outcomes for the children we work with.
Currently we offer one-to-one support, group work, family days and drop in facilities.

Our referral forms can be accessed below.
In our 2019 survey 80% of parents and carers told us they … “can share their worries”

We offer small group work, one-to-one support and family days out to the parents and carers of the children we work with.

“I have attended PACs for years and have always enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and being able to talk with other parents/carers who have to same difficulties.  It’s good to bounce ideas off each other, feel you are not alone and just vent to someone who will listen and not judge.”

“I look forward to our weekly meetings as the emotional support means so much, a listening ear and a cup of tea has highlighted to me that they really care for the carer which I hadn’t experienced before and helps me cope no end. Practically I have felt that the group has addressed my needs from hands on help to being a source of information and sign posting.”