One-to-One Befriending

… “Everyone needs other people, but not everyone has someone. For people who become isolated because of ill health, disability or social disadvantage, being matched with a befriender often fills a big gap” .  

Befriending Networks Scotland, website 01 June 2018

Children and young people are referred to our One-to-One Befriending Service because they face challenges in life or might be lonely. Our referral forms can be accessed below.
They are matched with a volunteer befriender who shares the same interest as them and will listen to their problems. Most of our volunteer befrienders are students from the University of St Andrews.
All of our activities are child-led and popular befriending activities include baking, arts and crafts, local places of interest, and physical activities such as tennis and football.
In our 2019 survey 80% of befriending children told us they … “have made friends

“My daughter said that the zoom call had made her day. I haven’t seen her so happy for a long time, she had loved it and can’t wait to do it again”.