As a small independent charity, Families First would not be able to work with so many families in North East Fife if it were not for the generous support of our benefactors. Our benefactors are very diverse and sometimes the support we receive is not just about money. Some of our biggest support comes from our volunteers, who give their time so generously. Without them, we would not be able to deliver the services we do, or maintain our organisational administration and governance. Another means of support is our in-kind patrons. These are people and organisations that give their time, services, and/or resources to us freely, where they would otherwise charge to make a profit.  We also have agencies that sponsor us. Currently, this includes the St Andrews Baptist Church and The Dolls House restaurant. Sponsors support us by promoting our services, fundraising for us, giving us discounts on their services, and/or giving gifts, below you can see the team enjoying lunch at the Dolls House. St Andrews Baptist Church kindly allow us to use their premises at the Rose Lane Centre rent free. The one thing we make absolutely sure of is that we account for every penny that is donated to us. It is of the utmost importance to us that we spend the money given to us wisely. Everything our benefactors do for us goes towards supporting vulnerable families in North East Fife. Therefore, we are very grateful for the generosity of all our philanthropists, patrons, benefactors, champions, supporters, funders and donors.
Corra Foundation
Alfred Dunhill Links Foundation
The Doll’s House
St Andrews Baptist Church

Tay FM Cash for Kids
St James’s Place Charitable Foundation

Fife Council
STV Children’s Appeal
Young Start