Volunteer With Us

Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial choices many of us will make in life. The reason that volunteers choose to volunteer can be varied, such as wanting to give something back, meeting new people, making new friends or learning new skills. Whatever your motivation, Families First is prepared to welcome you and support you. To recognise the contribution volunteers make to Families First, we offer social events, an annual award ceremony and register our volunteers with the Saltire Awards.
Below we have a list of our available volunteer opportunities, please click on the link to read more! 

One-To-One Befriending

Befrienders work with us to support children and young people on a one-to-one basis. The type of support provided depends on what has been agreed with the child, their primary carers and other agencies in terms of needs and the child’s goals.

Family Support

Family support is based on supporting the adults involved in a child’s life; again we can do this through one-to-one and group work activities. We welcome enquiries from volunteers who have skills in, or would like to develop their skills in supporting adults.

Young People's Service

If you like to be part of a team and work with others, this could be a role for you. Volunteers who work with children and young people in a group work setting could be involved in a number of ways ranging from youth groups, holiday activities to school work.

Volunteer Driver

The children and young people we support live all over rural northeast Fife 

Some are very isolated because they live in rural areas. Our volunteer drivers help us to get children and young people who live in these areas to their activities with us!


Trustees support the organisation by providing a governance role to the organisation to ensure we provide our services within a legal framework and have a strategic vision. Our trustees have a genuine concern for the well-being of others and, as with administration volunteers, use their skills to indirectly support vulnerable people.

Administrative Volunteer

If you are looking for a volunteering role where you want to support a charity, but are not so keen to work directly with people, this volunteering role may suit you better.

Work out what roles you are interested in!

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