What is Children's Groupwork?

All of our activities offer a place where the children and young people can work through their worries, develop new friendships, and have a social activity where they can feel relaxed in being themselves. Staff and volunteer youth workers can support referred children and young people in school, at our youth groups and during school holidays. Our referral forms can be accessed below. We offer new experiences such as ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, climbing wall, cooking, team and board games.

In our 2019 Survey, 70% of young people told us they... "are doing better at school"

In all of our Children's work we consider the UNCRC...

Article - 2  No child should be treated unfairly on any basis …  Article 12 - Children should be recognised as responsible and their views taken into account ... Article 23 - Children with particular needs should receive the right support to be active … Article 31 - Every child has a right to rest, leisure, play & recreation …

What is like at Families First!

We offer Youth Groups, Holiday Activities and can work in Schools with children who are referred to our services

...“Families First helps me be more social, and gives me the chance to talk about how I feel”.

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