Volunteer Testimonials

Here is what one volunteer told us about her experience of Volunteering with Families First. (Annual Review 2019/20.)

I started volunteering with Families First in 2014. I was made aware of the charity through my connection with a local church and when I first started volunteering, I never imagined that it would have such a significant impact and be such a large part of my life for so many years. The vision and values that Families First as an organisation hold are inspirational and the impact that I have witnessed Families First making in individual children’s lives over these past 6 years has been amazing to be a part of. My role since I began volunteering has been to drive and collect some of the children from across Fife and drop them in at the Rose Lane centre for befriending, then to come and collect them again and take them home. The joy of this role is that I therefore have seen first-hand what an impact someone spending an hour and a half with these kids can have. On the way home it is always a joy to hear the kids talk of how great a time they had baking, playing the wii, getting ice-cream, going to the park… the list could go on! There was not one time in my whole 6 years of driving that I ever heard a kid say they didn’t enjoy their time at Families First and therefore this is why I can confidently say the work of this charity is changing lives for the better.  

It has been a privilege to be a part of this team of people (both staff and volunteers) – who have loved and welcomed me so well. Moving from St Andrews is sad for many reasons for me, but one definitely is that I will miss being part of the Families First family. I have been massively blessed however, and have no doubt that those who volunteer in the future will also be blessed as they are part of something very special and making a real difference in many lives.